Propylene Carbonate(PC)

CAS NO.: 108-32-7
Molecular Formula: C4H6O3

Melting Point: -49℃

Boiling Point: 242℃

Flash Point: 128℃

Water Solubility: 240g/L(20℃)

Usage: used as synthetic fiber and other polymer solvents,but also as extractants, plasticizers,etc.Used for high-energy batteries and capacitors of the medium;used as polymer of the solvent and plasticizer;used as a plasticizer for adhesives and sealants. Can also be used as phenolic resin curing accelerator and water-soluble adhesive pigments and dispersants;the synthesis of dimethyl carbonate;used to remove natural gas,petroleum pyrolysis gas in carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide;can also be used for textile, printing and dyeing and other industrial fields.

Fire-fighting Measures: fire-fighting agents:mist water,foam,dry powder,carbon dioxide, sand fire.

First Aid Treatment: skin contact:Take off the contaminated clothing,rinse with flowing water.Eye contact:lift the eyelid,rinse with running water or saline.Get medical treatment.Inhalation:remove from the scene to the fresh air.If breathing difficult,give oxygen,get medical treatment.Ingestion:drink plenty of warm water,vomit,get medical treatment.

Packaging: 250KG/Drum, 20MT/20FCL; 24MT/40FCL  1200KG/IBC, 24MT/20FCL    23-25MT/FCL ISOTANK


Stored in a cool,ventilated,dry place,away from fire,heat and light.And stored separately from the oxidant in a closed container.Avoid mixed storage.Avoid contact with strong oxidants,moisture,heat,heat and sun exposure.Transport:according to the general provisions of the general cargo storage and transportation.