Polyvinyl Chloride

CAS No.: 9002-86-2

Molecular Formula: (C2H3Cl)n

Appearance: White solid


Used in the manufacture of pipes, rods, plates, films, hollow products and various industrial and agricultural supplies and daily necessities.

Its products are used in light industry, building materials, agriculture, daily life, packaging, electric power, public utilities and other fields, widely used in construction, transportation, mechanical instrumentation, electronics, chemical, agriculture, food packaging and other fields.

Used in the manufacture of artificial leather, wallpaper, plastic flooring, impregnated window screens, impregnated gloves, prosthetics, flame-retardant transport belts and non-woven carpets.

It is used for the preparation of non-foamed artificial leather bottom layer, artificial leather and floor surface, canvas impregnation molding, hollow molding products and erasers, bottle caps, etc.

It is used in the production of PVC bottles, rigid injection pipe fittings, etc. and for the production of pervinyl chloride resin.

Packaging: 25kg bag,27-28MT/40FCL