CAS NO.: 9003-05-8

Molecular Formula: C3H5NO

Type: Non-ionic Anionic Cationic

Appearance: White powder

Molecular weight(million)5-810-258-12

Solid content,%≥88.0≥88.0≥88.0

Degree of hydrolysis,%≤5.0 5-100 —

Cationic degree—-5-60


Appearance: White powder

Molecular weight,(million)5-810-258-12

Solid content,%≥88.0≥88.0≥88.0

Degree of hydrolysis,%≤5.0 5-100 —

Cationic degree—-5-60

Dissolution time,h≤1.5 ≤1.0 ≤1.0

Emulsion typeWater-in-oil emulsionWater dispersible emulsion

Appearance: Canary liquids;Milky white liquids

Molecular weight,(million)3-83-20

Solid content,%25-50≥25

Dissolution time,min 10-15 10-15

Ionic typeNonionic\ Anion\ CationNonionic\ Anion\ Cation

Product usage:

For industrial and municipal wastewater treatment,digestible sludge,effective removal of organic parts of wastewater;It is used for solid-liquid separation,water purification, flocculation and sedimentation,sludge dewatering in chemical,paper-making,printing and dyeing industries.


Solid product is packed in white or yellow kraft paper bag with PE liner,25kg/50kg/1000kg,or in according to requirement of customer. Emulsion product is packed in IBC drum,flexitank or in according to requirement of customer.