Caustic Soda Pearls/Flakes

CAS NO.: 1310-73-2

Molecular Formula: NaOH

Caustic soda (also known as sodium hydroxide,caustic soda,NaOH,sodium hydrate,or Sodagrain) are white spheres of caustic soda with a barely perceptible odour.They are soluble in water,with the liberation of heat,and are stable under normal conditions.

Product description:Caustic soda is a strong base and,as such,has many applications in industries all over the world,both now and in the past.It is one of the oldest manmade chemicals with excavations in Egypt showing samples of it dating from 3000B.C.

Storage and Distribution

Caustic soda pearls are stored and transported in 25 kg woven bags with a PE liner.For transportation purposes they are classed as packing group II,hazard class 8 and they are corrosive and can cause burns.They have a specific gravity of 2.13.


Caustic soda pearls are an important inorganic chemical as they are used in numerous industries worldwide.The highest demand for caustic soda comes from the paper industry where it is utilised in pulping and bleaching processes.They are also in demand in the aluminium industry as the caustic soda dissolves bauxite ore,which is the raw material in aluminium production.Another major use for caustic soda is chemical processing as caustic soda is a basic feedstock for a range of down-stream products including solvents, plastics,fabrics,adhesives etc.


Flakes 25kg bag, 26MT/20FCL without pallet; 22MT/20FCL with pallet.

Pearls 25kg bag, 27MT/20FCL without pallet; 24MT/20FCL with pallet.