TDI 80/20

CAS NO: 26471-62-5

Molecular Formula: C9H6N2O2

1. Characteristics and applications

TDI belongs to isocyanate products,which is widely used in producing polyurethane elastomers,top grade polyurethane coating and other industries.It is isocyanate ester product,can replaced all or part of the T80,can improved the compression load of the product,it is widely used in the production of polyester-based soft foam,high-bearing sponges,semi-rigid ester foam,high resilience,slow rebound,paint and other industries.


2. Storage/transportion

TDI must be stored in dry nitrogen seal,a symbol of the metal container and the container placed in a cool,ventilated place,away from heat,fire and dangerous goods.Storage temperature is not higher than 45°C,if the packaging or crystal ice bucket of TDI,do not directly heated by fire or steam containers to place them in the warm air melt naturally.Sunlight and rain should be prevented during transportation.

In using TDI,prevent inhaling,vapor or skin contacting or swallowing.

3. Usage

TDI is an aromatic isocyanate,a precursor to Polyurethanes(PU)that mostly used for making flexible foams.It is produced for reaction with polyols to form polyurethanes.

4. Package

250kg/iron drum,20MT/20’FCL