CAS NO: 101-68-8

Molecular Formula: C15H10N2O2

1. MDI(Isocyanate)introduction

Cosmonate M-200 is polymeric MDI, generally used in manufacturing hard and semi-hard polyurethane foam.Cosmonate M-200 is liquefied in normal temperature and easily handled and stored down to -20ºC.It is solvent-free form with 2.7 average organic function and maximum of 125 cps(25ºC)viscosity which is mixed with monomer MDI of 4,4-diphenylmethane diisocyante and its oligomer above dimer,trimer and tetramer.


2. Application of MDI

Isocyanates MDI is extensively application in most of field, such as thermal insulation rigid foam,PU coating,PU adhesive,Seepage-proofing,structure foam,Automobile bumper,high resilience etc.


3. Packing: 200kg/drum

Shipping time: within 15 workdays after place the order.