Polyether Polyol

CAS NO.: 9003-11-6

Molecular Formula: C5H10O2

Melting point: 57-61 °c

Boiling Point: >200 °C(lit.)

Density: 1.095 g/mL at 25 °C

Refractive index: n20/D is 1.466

Flash point: > 230 °F

Usage: Polyether polyol series products are mainly used for the preparation of rigid polyurethane foam, which are widely used in refrigerators, freezers, refrigerated trucks, heat insulation boards, pipe insulation and other fields. The prepared product has low thermal conductivity and good dimensional stability, and is also an important raw material for the preparation of combined polyether.

Packaging: 200kg drum,80drum,total16MT

1000kg IBC, 20IBC,20MT

22-23MT Flexibag