Propylene Glycol(Food/USP/BP Grade)

CAS NO.: 57-55-6

Molecular Formula: C3H8O2

Food Grade ; USP/BP Grade

Appearance: Colorless and transparent liquid

Melting Point: -60℃

Boiling Point: 195.1°C at 760mmHg

Flash Point: 85.7°C

Water Solubility:miscible


In food,medicine and cosmetics industry it is widely used as a hygroscopic agent,antifreeze, lubricants and solvents;in the food industry it is a good solvent,spices and pigments;in medicine it is in the production of various types of ointment,gel solvent,softener and excipients,etc.,Propylene glycol and various spices has good solubility,which is also used as a solvent and cosmetics,etc.,softener can also be used as a tobacco humidification agent and moisturizing agent,fungicide,food processing equipment,lubricating oil and food labeling ink solvent.

Fire-fighting Measures

The use of capacitive foam,carbon dioxide,dry powder,sand and fire.Keep the container cool with water if necessary.

First Aid Treatment

Non-toxic,if splashed on the skin,clothes,rinse with water,splash into the eyes,rinse with flowing water or saline.


22-23MT Flexibag

215KG Drum, 80Drums, 17.2MT/20 FCL

1000KG IBC, 20IBC, 20MT/20 FCL

Propylene glycol is easy to absorb moisture,sealed containers are stored in a dry place and sealed barrels for a shelf life of 1 years,transported in accordance with the requirements of the general cargo.