Isopropyl Alcohol(IPA)

CAS NO.: 67-63-0

Molecular Formula: C3H8O

Appearance: clear colorless liquid pass

Chemical and physical property: Colorless,transparent liquid,like the smell of a mixture of ethanol and acetone.Soluble in water,alcohol,ether,benzene,chloroform and other most organic solvents Specification:item specification results

Color: (pt-co) 10max 8

Density: at 20c 0.784-0.787 0.785

Purity: 99.7%min

Moisture: 0.2%max

Acid(ch3cooh): 0.002%max

Evaporation residue: 0.005%max

Hydroxyl content: 0.02%max

Usage: It is an important chemical products and raw materials.Mainly used in pharmaceutical,cosmetics,plastics,fragrances,paint and electronics industry as a dehydrating agent and cleaning agent.Determination of barium,calcium,magnesium,nickel, potassium,sodium and strontium and other reagents.Chromatographic analysis of reference material.Electronic industry.


160KG Drum, 80Drums,12.8MT; 24.32MT/40FCL

800KG/IBC, 16MT/20FCL; 25.6MT/40FCL