2-Butoxy Ethanol

CAS NO.: 111-76-2

Molecular Formula: C6H14O2

Appearance: Colorless flammable liquid with moderate ether odor

Melting point: -70°C

Boiling point: 171°C

Water solubility: Miscible

Refractive index: 1.418-1.42

Density: 0.901

Usage: To be used as coating, printing ink, stamp printing table ink, oil, resin solvent metal detergent, paint remover, delube agent, automobile engine detergent, dry cleaning solvent, epoxy resin solvent, drug extraction agent; It is used as stabilizer of latex paint, evaporation inhibitor of aircraft paint, surface processing of high-temperature baking enamel paint, etc.

Packaging: 180KG Drum, 14.4 MT/20FCL; 24.48MT/40FCL;900KG IBC, 18MT/20FCL; 25.2MT/40FCL;