Neopentyl Glycol (NPG)

CAS NO.: 126-30-7

Molecular Formula: C5H12O2

Appearance: white crystalline solid

Density: 1.06

Melting Point: 126-128°C

Bolling Point: 208°C

Flash Point: 107°C

Refranctive index: 1.443

Soluble: 830g/L(20°C)

Solubility: Solubility in water.g/100ml at 20°C:83

Vapor Pressure: 0.0215mmHg at 25°C

Vapor Density: 3.6(vs air)


Product usage:

NPG Glycol is used in the synthesis of tetraphenylporphyrins.Also used in the synthesis of Bryostatin 2,a protein kinase modulator.


25KG Bag, 14MT/20FCL; 24-28MT/40FCL
500KG Bag, 12-15MT/20FCL; 25-28MT/40FCL
600KG Bag, 12MT/20FCL; 24-28MT/40FCL