Methylene Chloride

CAS NO.: 75-09-2

Molecular Formula: CH2Cl2

Melting Point: -97℃

Boiling Point: 40.4℃

Burning Point: 615℃

Refractive_index: 1.4242

Water Solubility: 20 g/L(20℃)

Usage: Methylene Chloride is used in medicine,sponge foam,adhesives,flame retardants, solvents,and other fine chemical industries

Fire-fighting measures: fire-fighting agents:carbon dioxide,sand,water spray,foam.Keep the container cool with water if necessary.

First aid: If contact with skin or clothes,wash them with water.If contact with an eye, rinse with running water or physiological saline.If inhaled,removed from the scene to fresh air,give oxygen and artificial respiration,get medical treatment immediately.If ingested,drink plenty of warm water,vomit,get medical treatment.

Packaging: 270KG DRUM, 80DRUM,21.6MT/20FCL